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360PhotoBooth is introducing a new feature Personalised WhatsApp Sticker


360Photobooth is the perfect entertainment We capture precious moments and make the night unforgettable.

Except from providing photobooth instant print service, we cover a wide range of function. We strive the most up to date market trends, hence we are happy to announce our latest 2020 feature Personalised WhatsApp      Stickers.

Photos taken by 360 PhotoBooth turn into a unique WhatsApp sticker package.

We prepared ten exquisite sticker templates.

Our photobooth system covert the photos into personal stickers.

Guests can simply download their personlised stickers without install any specific app.

Instantly save the stickers and share them to your friends and family.

Let's make a reservation with us and make your event a unique experience! 

Get in touch with us now!


Easily download 

WhatsApp      Sticker


Simple instruction to follow

First, take a picture on Photobooth

Afterward, you will receive a printed QRcode ticket, use your phone to scan the QRcode and open the link in safari.

Then, press the button”Send sticker to my whatsapp” and enter your mobile number.


It takes about 30 seconds for our system to send the stickers to your WhatsApp number​.

You can save the shared stickers by adding them as favorites and send them to your friends! 

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