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Why Would You Choose 360PHOTOBOOTH?

Professional  Equipments
We capture every incredible moments with the best devices

Every photos are taken by 360 PhotoBooth are shot with HD Cannon Camera which provides the best resolution and shooting effect.


We use premium 4R-size Fujifilm photo paper for instant photo printing. Quality of photos are guaranteed to be maintained even after years under normal conditions.

We offer you the best environmental and natural facial lightning effect with the use of professional flash light instead of ordinary LED lightning

D1_4281 (1).JPG

Be creative and have fun! Our touch-screen instant drawing device provides varies choices of digital stickers and colour pens for you to decorate your photos freely and conveniently.

When a photo is taken, an additional panorama photo is also captured at the same time with the use of our professional 360-degree camera. One click, two outcomes!

DSC06626 (1).JPG

Instant QR Code printing. Immediate access to your digital photo by simply scanning it with your mobile phone.

360 PhotoBooth is designed as thin and wireless to ensure the greatest flexibility in fitting both indoor and outdoor environments and occasions.

DSC06566 (1).JPG
High Diversity
We aimed at providing the best photo shooting experience according to your preferences

We provide huge diversity in shooting props, such as head wear, glasses, cards, lightning props, flowers, etc. 

DSC06674 (1).JPG
D1_4297 (1).JPG

Our instant drawing program provides over 450 digital stickers and multiple colour pens for you to decorate your photos creatively. We also offer extra services for digital stickers customization. Please contact us for more information.

With 2 cameras equipped in 1 photobooth, we support more than 10 people to be captured in 1 photo, under 2 angles and with 3 outcomes.


Up to 4 shooting modes each with customized photo frame are supported. Our professional designers will design 4 unique tailor-made photo frames according to your ideas. There are also over hundreds of templates available for you to choose or to make reference to.

There are 4 default backdrop options. For more preferences, backdrop customization services are also provided.

Premium Services
We hope to be part of your best memories by doing our best

Flexible adjustments of the devices will be made according to the change of environment, such as the height of lens, colour temperature, tint and brightness during the event to ensure the best shooting quality under different conditions.


We offer unlimited photo shooting and photo printing during the service hours. Each printed photo will also be given together with a calendar card holder.

We respect every voices from you by trying our best to satisfy your preferences on frame designs, props and backdrops, etc.

D1_4387 (1).JPG

​There will be 2-3 helpers present in the event for assisting during the service hours.

Our assistants will arrive the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the event to do preparation work. Preparation time is not charged as service hours.


Introduction Videos

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