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360 Photo Shoot

360 Group Photo Shoot
Super High Resolution Group Photo Taking
High Resolution
Every Smiling Faces are clearly shown

With the latest high resolution technology, faces of guests behind are also clearly shown even when the photo is largely zoomed.

Quick and Efficient
All guests are captured with a few clicks

Photos are taken within a second. There is no need for guests to relocate or to take turn for the shoot. Rundown of the event will not be hindered.

*The whole filming process will take less than 10 minutes.

shows everything in the scene

The video can be viewed in 360-degree by supporting devices or by simply uploading to social media platform (e.g. Facebook and Youtube). You can also print the photo in 2D, which will be displayed horizontally as the above example.

​*We recommend the best shooting effect will be less than 30 tables.

2 Postures
Lighten up your mood!

There are two recommended postures, toasting and showing heart sign which increase the interaction between guests.

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